Asset Protection IQ

Protect Your Assets Before It’s Too Late

When it comes to senior planning, the first step is understanding your Asset Protection IQ with the help of our expert planning kit.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Only about one-third of Americans have a plan when it comes to personal health and financial decisions. Of that population, only 46 percent of seniors have completed the proper steps in protecting their assets for the future.

When it comes to personal planning, it’s important for seniors to have trusted resources to understand the options available and what works best for them and their families. To serve as a foundation for these conversations, seniors should be prepared to discuss Medicaid and the five-year look-back, estate plans, legal documents and veteran affairs to ensure that their assets are protected in the coming years.

Obtain your Asset Protection IQ planning kit and start to prepare for your family’s future thanks to expert insight on the oftentimes confusing aspects of senior care.